Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new year!

Well sorry its a bit belated, but a happy new year to everybody!

Christmas and new year has been a hectic time and regrettably I have neglected this little blog in the past three or four weeks. Hopefully that slackness ends now and I should be posting more regularly in the year to come.

Some good news though:

My paintings have been selling well. Having sold 7 of the first 10 pieces in the Artboy gallery!

Also, much to my delight I have been hard at work for a company here in Oz working on a video game. Finally getting to channel my love of video games into a long term project that I can't wait to see fruition. Unfortunately I can't divulge anything about the project at this stage , but needless to say that if my posts here are less than regular its due to this project on top of my usual toy industry commitments.

Anyway, here's to 2011 being a bumper year and i wish everyone the best in the months to come!