Monday, December 22, 2008

Book Cover

Talk about a hectic time of the year!

Have just finished working on a book cover job. The books title is "How to become a Superhero" and its written by Sage Michael. Check it out online at

Did quite a few rough layouts before we were happy with the final product, but i think the final cover scrubbed up ok.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Apologies for so little posts of late...

Apologies to all for my slackness of late with my blog. I promise to endeavour to get back on track with it.

Have been busy of late. This weekend I was fortunate to be invited to feature a a guest artist doing live sketches at a gallery opening from one of my art colleagues. Her exhibition "Something Wicked this way comes" opened at Rooftop Gallery in Melbourne on Saturday.

Was my first foray into the art scene as i usually live a very sheltered life in the toy industry where they make a point of keeping all their artists and designers deliberately unknown. My only assumption is so they can stop us being poached by other toy companies.

Sigh, if only they realised that a bit of recognition would inspire more loyalty. At my work we are very fortunate to have highly motivated creatives who are incredibly passionate about their products and hold a strong sense of pride in the work they do. I work with a team of illustrators who i consider some of the best i have ever seen, both in talent and work ethic.

Anyway, my point was, that it was enjoyable to meet some art industry people and to proudly put my name to my art. I was amazed at what a back catalog of personal art i had accumulated that was outside work. And i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed doing the live sketchs - i'll post them here soon.

I've also entered in another competition. This one is for Banjoe Kazooie: Nut and Bolts, and the brief was to design a vehicle that you thought might fit the game. I must say i really loved designing my lil Sky Hamster.

Anyway folks, i'm back and i'll try and stay more focused on this blog!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am officially becoming a slack a$$.

Its been over a week since my last post. Have been out of action for the weekend with a pulled muscle in the next or shoulder. Quite alright tho as long as i only want to look left. :)

Anyway, went to the physio last nite and am my old self again - just a slightly more bruised version.

Anywho, here's a quick scribble to get me remotivated.