Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sam the dog

It was a pretty traumatic time recently when our dog Sam was attacked by another dog at the park. Sam's always been a lover not a fighter, and he never saw this dog coming. It didn't help that it was a 60kg rottweiller and poor ole Sammy only weighs in at 23kg.

What had us worried the most was that Sam is now almost 13, and after surveying the damage it looked like a general anesthetic was needed for Sam to be properly stitched up. Thankfully, due to some fantastic loving care from Dr Leah and the team at the vet clinic, ole Sammy pulled through with flying colours and is as happy as ever.

At 13 years old, I've had him since he was just six months old (picking him up as pup from an RSPCA shelter). Its times like this when you realise that your dog is getting on in years and just how an important part of your life they are.

Anyway, as a thankyou to the vet I did up this illustration and framed it for her. Thankyou very much to Dr Leah from Sam, Alana and myself, and Sam's longtime playmate and bestie, Leela.