Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zoombie Monkey Ninja

Zoombie Monkey Ninja? What the hell is that?

Its a blog that my fellow illustrator, Yves Meza and I have started as a portal for our bizarre creative illustration urges. Are we taking ourselves very seriously? I doubt it? Will it be fun I hope so!
To give you a rundown, we've gone with a monkey theme (hell, who doesn't like monkeys!), mixed in Zombies (or zoombies! - You can blame Yves for that one! :) ), and thrown in a dose of ninjas, to create a sort of illustrative outlet for some of our crazier and wacky ideas.

So if you like the idea of eating a brain served up like a banana split, throwing ninja stars as much as you like throwing poo, think that the continuous banging of symbols makes for cool interpretive music, or just wanted to dramatically disappear from an uncomfortable situation using the flair of a smoke (or fart) bomb then please go check out the new blog.

Obviously this blog will continue as usual but Zoombie should make for a bit of extra fun.

Check out ZoombieMonkeyNinja blog at