Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coco Loco Preview

As we get closer to release some of the gaming sites are starting to cover Coco Loco (iOS).
You can evern check out the preview video on

Have included some images below from the previews and also a bit of a write up on the game.

Exciting times people!!! :)

It's time for the Cocoa Bean Guardians to 'Mallow' out. Whack each mallow with your trusty baseball bat and watch them fly through the air and smash into the sturdy chocolate forts. Many of the Marshies have special skills from giant Jello Marshies to slicing-and-dicing ninjas.

• Four vastly different environments, each zonefeatures 15 challenging stages.

• Incredible in-game physics bring the game to life.

• Beautiful visuals with a unique artistic style.

• Loveable characters and comic storyline.

• Simple controls make it fun for the whole family.