Monday, March 9, 2015

Sketch of the Day 12

After feeling a little guilty not doing a sketch yesterday (lots of work on Issue 7 took priority), I had to make sure I did one today. I had the perfect inspiration too!

Last week I bought my dog Oreo a Star Wars Greedo chew toy. Ironically, Oreo is black and white (just like Han's outfit in Star Wars). So, hence, Greedo came out second best. I think it was just a few hours before his poor rodian face was chewed off.

Now, Oreo is constantly thinking I am trying to trick him and lock him outside (a trap you might say!) so the natural next chew toy was today...Admiral Ackbar. To date, I am pleased to report that the Admiral is still in one piece but the squeaking from the other room has gone suspiciously quiet in the last hour...