Saturday, April 18, 2015

Busy, busy!

Have been a bit preoccupied these past couple of days as I've had a heap of work on. This has unfortunately meant that the daily sketch and From Above has been a little neglected.

That said I've also been working on a four page story for the folks at Melbourne Comics and their Project Orangutan. Its a fun little story that I've done in full color that was something a little different from those that are used to reading From Above. It was nice to work in full color too. Here's a little sneaky peak...

It's been a busy twelve months really when I look back at it, especially from a comics perspective. Obviously there's been the quarterly release of From Above, but I've also got to dabble in a few other things as well. Recently there's this little 4 pager I've written and drawn for Project Orangutan, there's a 3 page story I did the art duties for on Ben Michael Byrne's upcoming NSEW, and then I also wrote and illustrated a 5 page full color story for the upcoming horror themed Gaining Velocity. Add to that the new project I am working on at the moment with the uber talented Ryan K Lindsay, and I can look back and consider this to have been a very productive year. Oh, yeah, I forgot to add a few competition entries in the IDW ZvR comic that got my art featured in the back of ZvR Issue 3 (not quite the same as being published by IDW but hey you gotta start somewhere).

So anyway, it's back to work. The daily sketches will resume and I'll keep plugging away trying to crack this tough nut that is the comics industry. Fingers crossed!