Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tools of the trade : Part 1

Tools of the trade : part one. I’d promised a few people that I’d share some insight into the tools i use when drawing. I’ll usually use a Staedtler Mars Micro technical pencil with 0.7mm blue lead for roughing out and getting the pencil stage down. The blue is then easy to remove once scanned into the computer and also has the added advantage of not being as messy as traditional grey lead when youre drawing. For traditional inking i’ve recently discovered the Pentel Fudo Touch brush pens. These really took me by surprise as to how good they are. The amount of variation you can get in line weight is amazing as the tip is deceptively flexible whilst at the same time offering you a great amount of control and keeping its fine point for the tighter details. Really am in love with these pens at the moment.