Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just went and saw Pixar's UP

I just went and saw Pixar's UP, and wow!
I thought after Wall-E it would be a hard follow up so i went in prepped for disappointment.
How i could have ever doubted the brilliance of Pixar is beyond me. I'm hesitant to make comparison's to Wall-E as i am still riding on the euphoria of UP, but i must say - WOW!
Pixar have shown yet again that they are truly in a league of their own when it comes to character and storytelling.
And as a dog fan I was in heaven. I think Dug may be the cutest animated dog character i have ever seen on film. Simply brilliant and utterly hilarious.
If you get the chance go and see this film immediately. I saw it in 3d which was fantastic but i'd have to say the story and characters are that good that without the 3d this is simply brilliant.
Needless to say i came home inspired and scribbled up this Dug-inspired sketch. I did mine a little younger and thinner than the movie character.
Coloring a little darker too.