Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hyundai Veloster DLC

With so much work of late there's been little time for the xbox. Did get a little bit of a chance tho the other nite and turned on a bit of Foza 4. Downloaded the new dlc pack with the Hyundai Veloster (it's free so check it out) and I have to admit its a nice looking little car.
Did up one of my custom liveries for it and took it for a spin. I even found myself checking out the Hyundai website afterwards (wierd behaviour you might say for someone who drives a Mazda RX8).

It's funny, i find myself very intrigued by this little model and a turbo model in the future certainly sounds promising. The car even releases in Oz on my birthday!

Anyway folks, any of you who play Forza 4 check out the storefront for my liveries (my user name is the highly intimidating "Jelly Muffin") - all the liveries are free so help yourselves :)