Monday, April 16, 2012

Draw Something Marshies of the Day 01

Ok, I like almost every other person and their dog am currently totally addicted to Draw Something! Its become a daily ritual to eagerly open up my current games and guess and draw away! Now here's the thing tho (and i sincerely apologise to all the people i play with at the moment who have to sit through my
sketches :) ), every sketch I now do seems to involve marshies in some way.
It started off as a bit of a humorous joke between me and my boss in our game and has now snowballed into something bigger and funnier. The marshie drawings are going both ways now in several games which has brought me to this:
This is the first post of Draw Something Marshies of the day. I'm going to post a collection of Draw Something Marshie themed sketches on my blog and official Bruyn facebook page each day.
So here's the thing: the invitation is open to all. If you want to join in you can challenge me to a draw something game via facebook but the catch is you gotta do all your drawings as either a marshie or a cocoa bean :)
Sound like fun? Really? then you're as disturbed as me :) 
Anywho, here's the first batch...:)