Friday, June 5, 2015

Comics for a good cause

If there is one thing better than comics, it's comics for a good cause.

Headed up by Neville Howard (Gaining Velocity, Melbourne Comics) and my wife Alana Bruyn (Melbourne Comics, From Above) Tango with the Orangos comprises 2 anthology books showcasing work from over 50 creators from across the globe.

The books (a 32 page and 64 page version) feature short sequential art stories and pin ups col
lated together with the purpose of raising money for The Orangutan Project.
It's a fantastic cause with some amazing creators lending their time and talents to help put this together.

There's an indiegogo campaign up and running now, essentially operating as an order system for the books so don't miss out on this one (some of those perks are amazing and there's some really well thought out tiers)

Keep in mind as well this content is exclusive to the books. My short story, 'The Investment', will only appear in this anthology, much like the other amazing content.

There's just under 2 weeks remaining on this campaign so don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to be part of something special.