Friday, March 11, 2016

A dude and his 2 dogs

I've just recently started a little side project about myself and my two dogs. Its obviously indicative of the fact I am going completely crazy, but hey maybe its therapeutic, or it may just be amusing to watch me go further crazy.

Here's a little selfie illustration with the discription of myself and my two doggie buddies

You can check out the dedicated facebook page at:


"Oh hai!"

Ori likes long walks in the park... actually he just likes walks pretty much anywhere... and said walks are much better if they're done at a faster fact a flat out run might be preferrable. He's a lover, not a fighter (actually not even close to a fighter).
Ori is definitely a ladies man. The girls's love him. He'd be willing to give Craig some pointers but some things are just a lost cause.
For Ori, life is just amazing, everything is amazing... like totally amazing! His only weakness is in fact a massive tendency to have his ears turned inside out. No one knows how this happens... it just does.


"nyaaah...what are you looking at?"

Leela is burdened with an overabundance of intellect. An intellect she cannot help but use solely for the purpose of evil.

Cute, cuddly and extremely moochy, do not ever reprimand the leela for it will pay you back in spades. Not known for here chewing of objects she is willing to make an exception if you pull her up for bad behaviour. So you valauable that tv cabinet? Here let me chew it? Oh so you like the easle? Lets say I just chew through one of the legs?

Then there is her view on the world. It appears that every surface must be licked. What good is a piece of furniture if it hasn't been dampened by the slobber of the divine Leela. Only one substance can stop her. It can divert all her slobbery attentions onto it instead... this substance is denim.


"Sorry, can you explain that to me again?"

Devoid of personality and certainly not suffering from an over abundance of intellect, the token human of the group is useful for transportation, food preparation and the payment of bills.

It seems he also has developed a skill for scribbling on paper which earns him money and therefore makes him useful with the above mentioned three roles.

A recently divorced artist, Craig appears to be going a little crazy as he spends too much time with his dogs. He has recently started giving them voices and drawing up little humorous illustrations of his and the dogs exploits.

He has only been included in these stories as he is needed to draw them and we dont want to upset him too much... he's a delicate little flower it seems.