Monday, December 21, 2009

Forza 3 weekend session

It was A class expert again on the weekend, with full damge on and ABS and traction control turned off. Raced with Some great people (TurboWheels, Diesel, Javier, Nigeke) and also experienced some not so great (not metioning any names).
I even won a race on Laguna Seca by watching the second place car take out the first coming through the corkscrew on the final lap: I just scooted through the carnage an picked up a lucky win.

I have noticed a phenomenon emerging in multiplayer. Whilst there are some great racers who are a joy to race with, there is also a small segment of the community that are a little bit unpleasant to race against. It seems that playing too much single player has left them with the belief that they can only come first, and they will try to achieve that at any cost (usually smashing someone else off the track). I've never understood it myself: a crash can take you both out and instead of a respectable second you are instead sitting down the bottom of the leaderboard as you try to get your car back on the track...not to mention that you ruin someone else's game,..and remember folks it is just that...a have fun and don't be so serious.