Monday, December 7, 2009

Forza on the weekend

Raced a bit of R3 class and A class expert in multiplayer on the weekend and I am really now subscribing to the philosophy that if you can avoid the carnage and mayhem then you don't need the fastest car to place well in the race.

I raced and R34 Mine's skyline in R3 and even tho it was totally outclassed in speed by all the ferrari's in the races, i still managed to stay fairly competitive due to avoiding all the crashes that they got involved with. Of course i still occasionally got rammed off the track but for the most part i remained competitive.

This philosphy is even more appropriate when racing A class expert (which for my mind is the best multiplayer racing on the servers) as if you can avoid the carnage then any speed disadvantage you had is quickly removed by simulation damage starting to take its toll on the other cars. This lesson is most appropriate when navigating the Amalfi Coast course. Sometimes its better to hang back out of the turn one shennanigans and then navigate your way through the carnage.