Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Segment on Good Game

Seriously, they'll let anyone on television these days. Tonite they even put my ugly mug up on the idiot box to put everyone off their late nite dinners.

ABC's Good Game did a segment on the Artboy vs Fanboy exhibition and interviewed a few of us artists such as Matt Dunn, Dirtfish and myself.

I'll be honest in saying it wasn't as bad as I thought. When it was filmed i was sure i was gradually tipping over from nerves but it didn't seem to translate to what we saw on screen. I can be grateful for that mercy:)

Was really cool though to see Artboy get some great press and have the chance to talk about videogames and art. And to be honest, it was kinda awesome to get to be on a show that I watch on a regular basis and really love. (Just disappointed I didn't get to meet Bajo and Hex!)

For anybody interested the episode can be downloaded from the ABC Good Game website - (2011, Episode 15. 17/5)