Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trivia Nite,Scribbles and Pea Soup Fog

It was another pretty cool nite at Trivia. Our favourite haunt up in the mountains in Olinda, with the log fire going and the atmosphere nice and cozy in contrast to the chilly temperature outside. I will also say that Kellys on the Hill have the best parma I have ever had. :)

So tonite our trivia skills were pretty much the usual: that is to say pretty ordinary, but at least we didn't come last this time, and I did get a chance to do a few scribbles whilst we fumbled for our next guess to each question.

And then to cap off a nice little evening we had perhaps the most challenging drive home we've ever had. The mountain was covered in some of the densest fog I've ever seen. We're talking the type of fog straight out of Silent Hill on the playstation 1. It was the type of fog you bring in when the console's processor can't calculate any half decent draw distances (god that is a geeky comment). I managed to get Alana to take a few photos from the passenger seat but I'm not sure they do it justice - at times I could only see about one reflector ahead (navigating by centre of the road reflector strips) and my car has fog lights!