Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trivia Nite Scribbles

The last few weeks the girlfriend and I have been going to trivia nite at one of our local haunts. We'd actually be quite good at it if it wasn't for the categories of geography, politics, sport, and other basic general knowledge subjects :)

What i have been doing tho, as we procrastinate over what our next guess for the answer is is to just scribble a little with the pen and paper at hand to take my mind off how bad we are at trivia - of course this probably doesn't help contribute to out trivia-ing ability.

Anyway the first few weeks i sort just turfed the sketches, but now i think i might chuck them in as part of this blog. And so with that here's one of my scribbles from trivia the other nite -i'll try and post more each week.