Monday, October 27, 2008

CG folio hits 70,000 views!

Allow in dire need of a coffee to jumpstart me into this week (pretty sure i walked through today in a daze) i am still pretty stoked to discover my CG Society online portfolio has hit 70,000 views. I'm also on 79 other artists favourites lists so i'm feeling pretty chuffed.

To celebrate i think i'm gonna go play some Fable. The girlfriend has been monopolising it all weekend but apparently her character has become fat so she's depressed and is giving the game a break :). It's a classic that girls even worry about the wieght of their virtual characters too!

Oh, and before i go, it seems that my company's latest showing at tradefair went down a treat and one of my babies (products) has been very well received! Ahhhh....and that is what makes all the hard work and frustrations all worthwhile!