Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hump Day

What a day. It started off bad, came good, dropped again, came back up. I feel kind of seasick! :)
Ever had one of those days where you stop for petrol, fill up your car and then realise you have left your wallet at home? Well that was how mine started.
Fortunately it all worked out and even better didn't set a trend for the day. It may have had its moments, but it had its good one's too!
Pretty much the perfect incarnation of hump day!
I had the fulfilling sensation of finishing of some new concepts at work. I can't say what, but needless to say i was pretty chuffed with these ones.
We are also in the middle of a trade fair and initial reports seem to be pretty positive which is always good.
Now for my question of the day. If you are an illustrator and you have an online avatar (photo etc) why would you use a glamour shot of yourself? Wouldn't you use one of your pictures? Maybe i'm just daft and don't understand, but who in their right mind would want to see a glamour picture of me? It always made sense to me to represent yourself as one of your creations - even if its a caricature of yourself - at least that shows something of what you're about - not that you can pull a sexy pout?
Anyway, that runs a little close to a gripe, well, actually its just something that has bewildered me for a long time and now all you good people that are taking the time to read my blog have just had me waste five minutes of your time with this useless dribble.
Apologies - I promise I'll go draw something and get back on track :)