Monday, October 6, 2008

Virgin Blog and some Darksiders fan art

Well here goes...

My virgin foray into the world of blogging. I've seen so many of them, read their rants, absorbed their opinions, and basked in some of their beautiful artwork... and so finally I've decided to do my own...

Heaven help us all.

I've always been curious as to how many people read these things, and i guess now i'm gonna find out. It may very turn out that this is some obscure medium for me just to talk to myself. I guess that could be entertaining. I'm one of the fortunate few who sometimes feel that it would be entertaining to listen to me.

The real question is: what am i gonna talk about in this blog. I figure (knowing me) that topics will range anywhere from movies, my latest artwork, video games, comics, music, the toy industry (my current professional field), my dogs, and even the hammock i bought for myself the other day.

mmmmmm....hammock! Is it a sign of old age when you enjoy the thought of a good hammock? Or maybe i just do lazy really well.

Anyway, enough dribble...Let's kick the art side of things off with my latest sketch i'm workin on. Its actually a fan art piece for an Xbox 360 game coming out next year called Darksiders: wrath of War. the concept art and creature design for this game rocks and i recommend anybody to check this title out. In the meantime here is my humble homage. Sketch first and then refinement. This baby is also gonna get the full color treatment.

Anyway folks, hope you're still reading, and welcome aboard!!!