Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spawn :Endgame Contest

Just got back from my second weekly Life drawing class. Its seems a little easier this week. Its amazing how easily you lose the ability when you spend all day drawing iinto squashed, disproportionate templates.
It comes as a real refreshing change to get back into some traditional drawing. Have been going the last two weeks with my fellow studio illustrators, Scooter and Yves. will be posting tonites artwork up tomorrow once i've scanned the stuff.

On another note; just thought i'd mention the Spawn:Endgame contest that myself and fellow Moose studio illustrators Brad and Yves entered in. Amazingly we all made the editorial teams final 25 which was a massive blast and a nice bit of recognition...made sure our bosses at Moose knew we made the cut (hint hint....:) ).
Alas my dreams of comic stardom have taken a hit as at last count i think i was 16th with only 26 votes. the internet can be a funny forum.
the good news is however that my bud Yves is powering on in awesome fashion, holding down 3rd place with a whopping 142 votes. Fine recognition for an awesome Spawn rendition.
and as for Bradley's, in all honesty his entry should be wiping the floor with the competition it thats' good.
I feel very proud to be amongst such high callibre competition.
Meanwhile its back to the drawing board to try and refine my comics drawing skills in order to fulfil my dream of being a world reknowned comic artist (ha! would you just listen to the boy).
I must admit tho, I do like the fact that the comic industry readily acknowledges its illustrators (as opposed to the poor old toy industry that makes a point to keep its illustrators and designers anonymous - hey! I thought i said i wouldn't gripe!! )
...and on another note - didn't get to see Wall-E yet. Old age is making me to tired at nite at the moment. either that or my body is yet to acclimatise to the daylight savings change.

anyway I'll finish off tonite with my humble Spawn:Endgame contest entry. If anybody wants to go check out the final 25 then go to