Friday, November 13, 2009

Absolutely loving Movember!

Must sayI'm a big fan of Movember.

Firstly I get to raise some money for a good cause. Secondly, I can attempt to grow a moustache (I stress attempt!) and Alana (my partner) can't complain too much about it (see point one). Thirdly, the good people at Grill'd are running a Movember promotion where you get a free Grill'd burger every day for 13 days!!!

Now, as a massive fan of their burgers that just blows me away. Alana and I have now been back (last nite) for our second burger. Our challenge is to try as many different burgers from their menu over the 13 days. I can see all that gym work going straight out the door in the next 2 weeks. First nite we tried the Mustard and Pickles (a personal favourite) and last nite I believe it was the Tuscan Delight. Props to Grill'd for this awesome offer!

Did up couple of scribbles last nite whilst we were feasting!