Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The different side of Forza multiplayer

Took to the multiplayer circuits last nite to race some R3 class. Its a lot more challenging to drive but requires a little bit more restraint with the throttle, which can lend itsself to a bit of mayhem sometimes.
What I did experience tho last nite was some of the less than savoury aspects of the multiplayer community. The example i speak of happened on the Laguna Seca circuit after some usual turn 1 mayhem. I myself managed to avoid the carnage but others were not so lucky.
One guy after being shunted off by another player proceeded to verbally abuse this guy over the headset for a good 2-3 laps continuously, and when I say the language was pretty ordinary I'm severely understating it.
Folks, there are kids that play this game! They don't need to be hearing that sort of stuff. Yes, we all like clean racing, and nobody likes to be shunted off because somebody else didn't brake, but seriously, these things happen. Express your intial displeasure and then move on. It is after all a game, so lets have some fun and not take it too far.