Friday, November 27, 2009

Forza recap

Ha! It was one of those nites on Forza last nite :)
I had to laugh. I had the dreaded battery pack in the controller die on me mid race again. Normally not too much of an issue but this time I was racing the new A Class expert category on multiplayer (with the simulation damage enabled). So, in this case when my car coasted in a straight line (no brakes) into a tyre wall, the damage was catastrophic! :)
On top of that I'd left the replacement batteries in the kitchen, so when i got the controller up and running again I had to finish the last 2 laps with a car that looked like it had just emerged from the trash compactor in Star wars. I also had broken steering and now only a 3 speed gearbox.
Now I know how race drivers feel when they get engine failures. I think on top of this incident I dropped out of a race in the lead with half a lap to go (for what appeared to be an xbox live update), had two incidents of the game freeze during a race load, and then got tackled by my dog when it jumped on me mid race :)
Just one of those nites I guess. And you know what, these incidents just make things just that bit more intersting! :)
For the record: A Class Expert Category is awesome! Full damage, no abs or stability control and full collisions. It makes for cleaner racing and for my mind is the best way to play this game!