Monday, November 23, 2009

Forza 3 on the weekend

A real mixed bag of racing on Forza 3 on the weekend. Some real good groups of good clean racers, and then some other groups who think the only pedal is the accelerator and there is no need to brake for corners. Sigh...arcade style racers have a lot to answer for :)

Pulled the RS4 out of the virtual garage and did a few tuning mods and applied a new Redfrog Gen 02 livery to it. With the tune it has a bit more pace and acceleration with a bit better turn in, but it rides a little bit more slippery than the R8 and S5. Definitely a fun drive.

Took a few shots from a Sunset Pennisula race that had some cool crashes, that I was mostly lucky enough to avoid. Most of these were just racing incidents tho and should not be attributed to the arcade style drivers I mentioned above :)