Monday, November 16, 2009

Forza 3 - Toyota Trueno and '84 Supra

Went a bit retro on the weekend, and had some great racing and made some new racing buddies (Outlaw and Olympic Dreamer) Also did some racing with Forza buddy Scotty Canuck. Check out his website at
Back to the retro thing: My second car I ever owned was a '84 model Celica. God, I loved that car. It may pale in comparison to my RX8 these days (which has to go to the panel beaters today cause the girlfriend backed her car into it :( ), but i seriously have some fond memories of that car.
Its not exactly the same but the closest i could get in Forza to it is an '84 model Supra. So i did up a Supra and A trueno and enjoyed giving them a spin on the track.