Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anyone sick of my Forza 3 posts yet?

Ok, I completely recognise my addictiction to this game and the fact that is starting to dominate this blog. I've had a five day holiday from work and have put in a truck load of hours on this game (driver level 41 now i think in career mode).
Rest assured its back to work tomorrow so that will keep me in check a little and get me back into drawing. In the meanwhile i just love the livery editor in this game. Have just started racing R3 class and developed a livery for my M3 GTR2.
Have also developed a livery for the Audi S5 and have already done a custom for racing mate Untouchablle. Anybody who wants a custom version of this send a message to my gamertag (Jelly Muffin) with specification on what color and what number (so far i have 03 and Untouchablle has 11). I won't be doubling up on numbers on these designs.
Cheers all.